*fishtail crown nest.

Fashion, Misc.

Alright. I don’t know about you, but the only thing that I’ve been particular stoked on in this crazy Stampede mess is the abundance of braids being sported by women (of all ages). Ok ya’ll – braids don’t always have a country-ish connotation do they?! I mean really..

Ah well. I love braids even if they are the stampede trend. Not only does this braid function as a helmut, it also stays intact all day long. Side note, the fishtail is also an incredibly simple braid (more basic even than your standard three-strander).


Events, My Life

Oh, beautiful friends.
How we have loved our time spent with you during these hot summer days and nights.
Seen here are a few snap shots of:
*BONNIE! Who finally came home from Mexico to visit fam & friends only to up and leave me again! Here is a girl I truly had no idea how much I would miss as we spent the better part of a year apart. Sigh. Missing you already girl.
*Tiffany Eng‘s show Cat Boxes (go see the show at UAS, my photos don’t do it justice)
*Sarah -pictured in her new studio at Avalanche..whose brilliant sense of humor and colorful presence I’ve been trying to figure out how to cope without since the moment I found out we would be moving away.
*A long awaited visit with the always charming Nakael, and his dog, Barrett – who Tristan happily wrestled with multiple times during our time together.
*Becky‘s wonderful home made bread and ever-impressive nail polish selection make for the loveliest mornings. By the way, this fabulously summery nail design was inspired by the one and only Ariana Denison. A special mention should also be made for Becky’s newly made-up patio! It is an enviably cozy little nook complete with comfy seating and pretty potted posies.
*Aoife, Colina, and Mal….whether we are consuming herbal tea, sangria or anything else for that matter – I savor our dates.
*Tristan, love of my life, and the ultimate adventure guide of wonderful long walks taken in pursuit of prime city views and the discovery of secret paths. On Sunday, we did succeed.
*as for the other handsome gents in the backgrounds..Brett, Adam, and Lowell need no introduction.










*Koloman Moser…..the legend

Fine Art

It go’s without saying that if one wished to be wowed by any of the works produced during the Viennese Secession they’d need not look any further than the genius of Klimt, Hoffmann, and the perhaps lesser recognized Koloman Moser. I can’t say I’ve spent any time with Moser’s gorgeous works since I studied him in the context of Modernism back in my second year of art college.

My recent reunion with Moser came about while planning a lesson (also concerning various modernist works) for my wonderful class at Studio C. Moser, like many of his contemporaries, incorporated many of the stylistic traits for which the Vienna Secession is best known. Intricate geometric pattern set against impeccably crafted, flowing, organic lines, and (in the case of many paintings), impressively modeled figures and flesh that were often portrayed in some form of an homage to greek or roman mythology. Many of these works were illustrations for the Secession’s official magazine Ver Sacrum.

Moser’s figures are so captivating, effervescent, and mysterious … As cliche as that sounds, I really find them very seductive. Until now I was unaware of his more painterly renditions of people as a quite graphic style seems to prevail in many of his works. Not to discount the mastery of Klimt, but I really do think that Moser’s paintings are credited far less often, and, as I’m sure you’ll agree..they are stunning.