*Erwin Wurm, Drinking Sculptures

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I’ve been a huge fan of Wurm’s work for a few years now and just stumbled across this article by Amanda Ryan (via artlog)
‘Since the 1980s, Erwin Wurm has created “one-minute sculptures,” for which a participant strikes an unlikely pose with an object while being filmed or photographed. Demonstrating that the performance is more important than the end product, in some videos Wurm attempts impossible balancing acts, failing again and again for the duration of the minute. He explains that, “I want to deal with with the idea of ‘is this an action or is this a sculpture?’….Read the full article here


*Steven Cohen, Chandelier

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‘In his provocative performance Chandelier, Steven Cohen (Johannesburg, South Africa) contrasts his position as a queer, Jewish, white South African in relation to residents of a Newtown, Johannesburg squatter camp being dismantled by government workers (identifiable by their red coveralls). Dressed in a corset with attached chandelier and wearing high heels, his dress and manner evoke the affluence, privilege, and choice available to a select group of South Africans. The soon-to-be-evicted residents respond to Cohen’s presence: some offer sexual gestures, one man aggressively waves a pipe and charges toward Cohen, while one woman takes his hand and kisses it, calling him “an angel”. The performance presents one instance of the on-going divisions and inequalities which still exist in post-Apartheid South Africa’…….
(excerpt from www.jmbgallery.ca)



*Clement Valla, A Sequence of Lines Traced by 500 Individuals

Fine Art

This image signifies a single, mundane motion – repeated by 500 people. So bleek, so dramatic. you gotta see the video
See also: www.clementvalla.com

“Each new user only sees the latest line drawn, and can therefore only trace this latest imperfect copy. As the line is reproduced over and over, it changes and evolves – kinks, trembling motions and errors are exaggerated through the process.”
Watch the video at www.boooooom.com