Terrific new work at Stride *Jaimie Angelopoulus & Megan Dickie

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I’m truly thrilled about these two artists and I have to say this has been my favorite show of all of the shows which have taken place at any of Calgary’s Artist-run Centre’s within the last five and a half years (that I have been able to take in at least). Thats saying a lot, I know! But seriously… What great work. I got to meet both of these artists at Friday’s opening of Find it, Burry it (Jaimie Angelopoulus) in Stride’s main space, and Megan Dickie’s Get the Gleamer in the Project Room.

People were so excited to interact with Dickie’s piece, and I was so stoked to actually see it in person as I had encountered a smaller version of it a few months back while researching online (along with her very funny contact sculptures, and their accompanying videos which are brilliant). I have included a rather crappy image of a friend wrestling with her work..but be sure to actually check out her website to see more, its worth it. I only included one image of her work as somehow the other attempted images failed..

I hadn’t heard of Jaimie Angelopoulus, and I was so pleasantly taken back at how happy her work makes me. I love the impending mass of these sculptures..the way they occupy space implies an almost human stature – not to mention their allusively figurative gestures. They really seem to provoke a physical interaction, and I think thats incredibly rare, even for work which is supposed to be interactive – whether or not that is the precise agenda of Angelopoulus remains a bit unclear, although she did seem cool with us gettin’ physical with the piece. I think its all the hollow crevices and spaces within the sculpture that make it so attractive in that sense. I have included one of her drawings as well.

Needless to say, the implied physical relationship between the body of the viewer with the sculpture/installation is without a doubt a common thread that relates these two artists, and it is also the element that gravitates me to both bodies of work.
Humor, bodily experiences, and playfulness are highly under-rated, and there are a hundred other tasty nuances within the work of Angelopoulus and Dickie, so do research their work further. They are now officially two of my favorite artists! Kudos to Stride for programming this magical show.