*Lessons in the function of symmetry and unabashed embellishment: Minoan, Hellenistic, Etruscan, Byzantine, and Carolingian jewelery

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I love the audacity and charisma of the craftsmen of the ancient world! They were all about incorporating animals, figurative imagery, and nature as decorative motifs within their jewelery and they always maintained meticulous levels of attention to the capabilities of the materials that they had at their disposal, unapologetically encrusting and engraving every square centimeter in want of visual interest. The excessiveness of this decadence sometimes borderlines on appearing absurd, but I absolutely adore that quality! Its as though the work becomes a charicature of it’s own self! Because of these features the pieces can read as being at the same time whimsical and austere, serious and exuberant. Such sophisticated, dynamic elegance!

Snake arm bands, anyone


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