*Reverberations install underway..

Fine Art

I got a sneak peak of the 2015 uvic mfa grad show yesterday and I am so impressed!!!! The exhibition is so cohesive it actually appears curated (not just a happenstance coming together of people who are graduating at the same time). Amazing work Em, Ebony, Rebecca, and Nicole! I can’t wait to see the completed install guys ~xx 


*Tristan’s show @ fifty fifty

My Life

‘Circle-makers’ is a collection of objects which each allude to separate narratives that share the common denominator of the act of making a circle. In some cases ‘circle making’ is interpreted in a literal sense, and a more figurative one in others. Exploring both imagined and true stories with both fabricated and found objects, I’m interested in how the object can operate as a signifier; referencing the narrative and standing in as a likeness of the genuine witness – a false memorabilia. 

Relics are displayed and visited to venerate a respected individual— similarly here the objects point to a greater story, wherein they implicate human interaction and the traces we leave. Objects (generally) are created for utility or sentiment. The clues of their form, traits, and juxtaposition with other objects, thusly, lend evidence to a story which I hope might evoke curiosity, imagination, or perhaps even empathy— as viewers form connections, and grasp at veracity. The use of found objects intermingled with those fabricated, mirrors the idea of their respectively tied stories; each themselves being also a collection of facts and fictions… itself, an exercise in circle-making.”

                   congrats babe! ~ 



*Student work: The Autonomous Object

Fine Art

Hot damn.. I loved what the students served up this week. It was so cool to see how differently each artist interpreted the idea of ‘autonomy’ through sculpture — (this was pretty much the only guideline) . . . so some of the  works more clearly addressed the notion of anthropomorphism / personification while others mingled with the concept of autonomy through more blatantly minimalist, self-referential approaches to object making. In any case, a lot of great ideas came up in the crit. Go students!