*MFA GRADUATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Life

(it’s hard to believe)

I defended my thesis last Thursday and I am happy to say that it went really well. The faculty were great, my wonderfully supportive husband was great, and my colleagues were there to cheer me on!

Although being done feels amazing, I now face the daunting task of cleaning out my studio #helladepressing. I don’t know when I’ll have a studio next, so this largely means having to discard a lot of materials that I’d rather have held onto. Such is the life of a sculptor I suppose. Sad nonetheless!

T and I were totally blessed to receive our friend Lina as a guest to celebrate the accomplishment and the accompanying show that I installed like a maniac last week! The opening was Friday night and Lina and I had a fabulous girly afternoon getting ready and catching up. So great! Of course the opening was a lovely time and was followed by a little after-party at the Guild. Great times had by all! (Although, I could have squeezed in even more dancing.)

I will be updating my website soon with quality pics of my entire show, but I’ve included a little sampler below as a little appetizer. Now that schools done, I’m proud to say that my blogging hiatus has officially ended! Woohoo!












*Christmas 2013 !!!!!!!

My Life

Christmas…at home.

T and I had the privilege of going to be with my family in southern Alberta this year (Thanks for sharing those air-miles mom!!) It’s been a good two years since our last Christmas with these fine folks, so we really were very excited about it. We had an amazing time, obvi, however we did miss Trist’s fam and are keeping our fingers crossed for Christmas 2014 in Chicago/Michigan. #seat-sales!

I am frustrated very MAD about my lack of pics! My iPhone camera is seriously on it’s last leg..therefore many snaps I took of you beloved friends and fam were simply way too out-of-focus or way too crappy to post. (Mom, Matina, Lina, and Sarah vs !) I had high hopes for the photos of your beautiful faces, however, they were too low-quality to include. Booooooooooooooh.

Ok, onto the good stuff.
We were SO pleased to be able to meet-up with our dear Calgary friends before arriving at my dads in the country. So many old buddies came to hang out and catch up and it was just so lovely to see them all. We really miss our friends from home! Life isn’t the same without them, and I definitely became reminded of that yet again upon being re-united this time around.

*Special thanks to Lina for picking us up from the airport, making us din (and sharing champagne), and hosting us for the night! Such a doll. Such a delight to stay-up late into the night talking with you. T & I are simply so thankful for you. xx
*Special thanks to Sarah vs for being….. Freeking hilarious and pretty much amazing.
You have no idea how much I miss you mim.

The whirl-wind that ensued after our one-night-only with Calg friends involved shopping for my sister’s wedding gown, going to see my bro & Shaela’s concert (and dancing the night away), catching up with our extended fam, eating way too much delicious food, more dancing with the sibs, sibs in-law, (and Bonnie and Elyse and Pablo) at the town pub, enduring cold weather again (apparently I’ve become a major baby when it comes to prairie winters), getting totally spoiled by my parents and sibs with prezzies (seriously thoughtful and amazing prezzies), AND spending some much needed quality time with my mom and dad, and grandma.

We are so very thankful for the friends and fam that we have been blessed with. Please enjoy these fabulous blurry pics of our Alberta adventure!





*october at grad school. (ft. Carley, Rebecca, & Eeth!)

My Life

..and of course a snap shot of my very handsome fellow.
Can you spot him amongst the autumnal backdrop?

As for these other cool cats.. C, R, & E have been letting me be a bit of a paparazzi lately around the studio! How can one resist when there is action painting going on next door? (Go Rebecca!) This gal really gets her hands dirty. And feet. and…
whole self.
Love that.

Oooh, and I haven’t reached my quota of overtly-fall-theme-campusscape-hipster-filter pics yet. Sorry. I don’t use instagram, so you’ll have bare with me. I can’t get enough of the seasonal transition that is fall to winter. There is absolutely a frenzy of shifts that happen in every measure of things it seems. Not just leaves changing from green to red or orange —but longings, preoccupations, dreams, and moods in general. Oh fall..a most dreamy little time. I love thee. Was that too poetic? I think not.

In other news, Eeth is my resident hair model at the school (which basically implies that I get to put ghetto braids in his hair whenever he likes me to). And Carley is makin some badass new work out of her usual sweet arsenal of materials (ie: dollar store meets favorable recycling depot encounter). Her studio is therefore heavily askew with items and miscelania that in fact inspire me to the tenth degree every time I cross the threshold into Carley-land.

Theres nothing like this atmosphere. Oh MFA, you are stressful now, but I know I will miss you!