*Dennis Oppenheim, vicarious lines

Fine Art

I was casually shown this work today while taking in my first grad seminar. Being familiar with much of Oppenheim’s work – I was surprised I hadn’t yet encountered this 1971 work entitled Two Stage Transfer Drawing. I really love it.

“As I run a marker along Eric’s s back he attempts to duplicate the movement on the wall.
My activity stimulates a kinetic response from his sensory system. I am, therefore, Drawing Through Him.”



*Clement Valla, A Sequence of Lines Traced by 500 Individuals

Fine Art

This image signifies a single, mundane motion – repeated by 500 people. So bleek, so dramatic. you gotta see the video
See also: www.clementvalla.com

“Each new user only sees the latest line drawn, and can therefore only trace this latest imperfect copy. As the line is reproduced over and over, it changes and evolves – kinks, trembling motions and errors are exaggerated through the process.”
Watch the video at www.boooooom.com