*Winnipeg, I do not hate you

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So after Joel and Alli’s wedding we spent some time with Trist’s mom and step-dad who had taken the liberty of driving up all the way up from Chicago to meet us in Winnipeg (thanks guys) ! Between numerous riveting rounds of Trivial Pursuit, exploring the supposedly haunted Fort Garry Hotel, and catching some rays on Grand Beach, we had a great time together. This was my first time in the ‘peg and I think we’ll be back.

The city has earned a positive reputation in my books purely on merit of it’s eclectic array of vintage and thrifting opportunities. If you know me, you are probably aware of my affinity for sifting through junky shops – be they antique, seedy second-hand, or otherwise. I’m a firm believer in the fact that one should’t judge a city until they’ve done a bit of scavenging in the area of thrifting. Although time was limited, and my budget tighter even than it usually is, I didn’t get to indulge to the degree that I had hoped. However, I did do a little damage in a terrific antique shop in Osbourne Village. The place turned out to be more like a haven of never-ending corridors full of vintage dresses than the dumpy antique furniture-retailer that it appeared to be from the outside. I can’t recall the name of the place…although I’m sure you wouldn’t miss it if you were looking for it. Also, as far as selection goes, Village Vintage (also in Osbourne Village) is packed with amazing things as well..If you are into hats and fascinators in particular, and happen to be going to Winnipeg – it is certainly a must visit. If you are wondering what I purchased at the antique place, I got a beautiful little leather cross-body satchel for $6. It’s in mint condition.

Oh, I almost forgot about food! We were really impressed with Boon Burger Cafe and Un-Burger ! Both are completely local and organic, and Boon is actually completely vegan. I am not vegan, so I wasn’t too eager..but we were both very satisfied with what we got portion-wise, and taste-wise. Bonus points for aesthetic. Both places were quite cute, but Un-Burger takes home the gold because they named a salad after Hal Johnson & Joanne McCleod. Right???

Finally, we got to check out the WAG which happened to be featuring a really interesting show entitled Fairy Tales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination. Could the title have been more compelling? One of my favorite works was by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini – whose work one could not have missed (refer to image of boy next to man-fish hybrid). Rather than make an attempt to describe her…I recommend you probably just do a bit of research on Piccinini’s work. It’s interesting. My other favorite piece had to have been the bronze sculpture Rapture by Kiki Smith. The entire show was pretty neat though. For a brief description, check out this little review from CBC’s Allison Gillmor