*fountains, delightfully hierarchical forms

Fine Art, thoughts

I have been absolutely smitten with marble fountains lately! Lately because, well, there really are no such fountains here in southern Alberta.. But the front yard of the building just a few blocks away from me just so happened to catch my fancy yesterday while I was out on my run due to it’s fantastically imposing ostentatious fountain! Yes, a fountain right in the middle of a residential Calgary neighborhood, covered with snow. But the thing was complete with pedements composed of horses and spouts comin’ out the wazoo! I tell ya, that thing  is the bell of the ball around this part of town.. Anyways, I digress. Fountains are the new wedding cakes in my books as far as sculptural inspiration goes. And I’ll tell you why. Fountains (especially those of a western european origin) are almost always unmistakably obnoxious and unapologetically loud all in spite of their supposed elegance ! Fountains are the intersection of the seductive voluminous marble embraces one encounters in the romantic epics of Antonio Canova  — dripping with sentiment — clashed with the brutal pragmatism and logic of a flourescent orange road pylon. In short, fountains are Rococo and Bauhaus all in one: a meer pyramid… decorated into oblivion! They are formiddably regal, laughably salacious,  undeniably well engineered, and highly functioning at the same time . What utter fabulousness.


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