*coming home (saying goodbye) and the rest.

Everyday, My Life

I have of late neglected my little blog due to a certain life event of ours. Yes, there actually is a reason why I have been unpresent for the last three weeks. Rest assured, it is not for lack of wanting to bombard you with the visual content that inspires me on a daily basis, or with the usual snippets of our everyday lives. Rather, for those of you that didn’t already know, I moved back to Calgary at the begining of August. Notwithstanding, the weeks leading up to, and directly following the move were jam packed with seemingly endless logistical obligations including full time work, the completion of my recent body of work, Debutants and Scampswhich opened on August 14th at AVALANCHE!, and many goodbye coffee dates with dear friends from the Island.

Anyways, I should clarify the reason why I left Victoria. The decision to move me back to Calgary came as the result of a somewhat sudden good fortune. This being, me landing a couple of part-time sessional gigs teaching what I love. (Yipee!!!) One at acad, and one at UofC. Trist and I had naively anticipated the prospect of my receiving teaching at the uni-level, even at the cost of having to live apart for a time in order to proverbially ‘get my feet in the door’ of any institution which was willing to extend an opportunity in my direction while T spends the school year finishing up his MFA in Victoria, graduating spring 2016.

And yet, nothing really prepares a person for a 4 month chunk of time spent not getting to see their spouse in person… And now, I’m in that long-distance club seemingly all marriage veterans love to refer to when reminiscing of their newly-wed years.

The decision to haul ass back to Calg and live here without T for 9 months was a tough one for us to make, and even after a week, I miss him profoundly. I knew this woud happen ofcourse.. In saying that though, T is also gonna be hella busy with the completion of his MFA. For what it’s worth, I keep consoling myself by indulging a muddled delusion about how our self-imposed long distance situation is somewhat justified under the pretense that this is perhaps the one time in our lives where we would see rather little of eachother to begin with, even if we lived under the same roof. (Ok, that doesn’t console me at all, lets be honest)… But, while home will never be ‘home’ unless we are both dwelling in the same apartment, its funny how the place where you meet your love sort of always possesses the affect of feeling like your ‘together home’, even when your other half is living on an island that is a plane ride or series of car and ferry-rides away.. And for us, Calgary is that place.

Alas, here I am. Back in the prairies without my love. The dust has finaly settled after spending the first 2 weeks of August unpacking my stuff, indulging a series of much needed visits with family which involved wedding hopping, hiking, very late night libations, amazing catch-up seshes, celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary *whoot whoot*, and most notably — getting to meet the acquaintance of our treasured three month old baby niece, Lucia, (pictures below). So now, after begining a new serving job, (surprise surprise), I am officially in the midst of the intensive phase that is curricular planning for my new classes.

I had really wanted an opportunity to teach in a more rigorous university setting after working at a very small college, so I’m pretty stoked even though I know that I’m going to spend a zillion hours designing the projects and slideshows for these two new classes as both of them are relatively unrelated to the ones that I taught while in Victoria this past year. Thankfully, I love the content so its pretty enjoyable work and research albeit immensly time-consuming (see’ya in a couple weeks, beloved studio time).

Being as I’m a planner, I’ve been hungry to return to the regularity of a shedule, the reassurance of a regular income, and most of all, the space to reflect after so many major changes have happened since having to part from my sweetheart. Oh my gosh, — and I’m not even kidding you right now — the song ‘How am I Supposed to Live Without You’ by Michael Bolton actually just started blaring over the coffee-shop speakers.. oh man. I guess thats my que to insert dozens of sentimental photos. your welcome.




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