*Ettore Sottsass


I have adored the work of infamous designer and founder  of Memphis designEttorre Sottsass, for quite sometime. It seems almost silly to create a single post dedicated to his work because he was such a prolific designer. . . That said, I’ve found myself including his work in more and more lectures lately as his works reference so many conceptual and aesthetic notions pertinant to contemporary sculpture. 

As is the central goal in my own object-making practice, Sottsass’ pieces exist in an in-between space. They are hard to nail down, but, if nothing else, seem to posess their own autonomous personas. I love it when design begins to merge and frustrate our often constrained boundaries of utility and mere adornment. An overly exhausted conversation, some would say — but I think Sottsass’ work provokes the diologue and indulges our sense of play and our own awareness as physical human bodies in a world full of textures and surfaces and colors and forms in the most compelling possible way.

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