*General Grievous

Design, thoughts

Recently this familiar character came up in a conversation about villains that T and I were having with some friends. Appearing in Star Wars: Clone Wars, General Grievous is an exceptional creature to observe — purely on the basis of his kinetic existence. The artists who designed this highly nuanced villain deserve some major props for sure! The first time I saw him move around in the film I was completely taken by his presence. Yea, I know that sounds dorky..but seriously (you really must take in his epic battle scenes to know what I mean).

I think what really makes Grievous an allusive character is that we just cannot seem to nail him down in terms of establishing who or what he reminds us of — whether that be a particular animal or some other creature, imagined or real.

This is especially evident in his morphing properties which allow his movements to seem to resemble those of a snake, an insect, a vehicle, a bird, and a human all at once. He is entirely graceful, yet a completely maniacal monster, an elegant yet tyrannical leader. The striking tension of this motif alludes me, and has for some time. I think this intense opposition and contrast of character might be precisely what makes good design good.

More on that… But for now, the g-ster. *enjoy!!












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