*new drawings: Pattern and Pictorial space — A new frontier

Fine Art

Now that my studio is bound to a section of the living room, drawing has won out slightly over the constructing of objects. Although I’ve got some hopeful little sculpees brewing on the back burner!
Drawing has been a wonderful friend to indulge in over the last little while due to its accessibility and transportability.
I used to prohibit myself from creating drawn depictions of objects that included pattern or color-fields/backgrounds because of the liability of ‘over-design‘ or trite embellishment.
However, over the summer I kept being beckoned by textiles. I was positively charmed by them and found them to the be the ultimate inspiration for the formation of my new sculptural ideas. It wasn’t primarily the textile surface textures that alluded me, but the way that the pictorial patterns impacted the three-dimensional objects on which they resided.
This idea is wrapped up in some new visions I have for future sculptures. I’m super excited to finish building the armatures so that I can explore pattern three-dimensionally and learn how it subverts form. In the mean time, here’s a little bit of where my mind has been lately.







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