*Bauhaus (revisiting my obsession)


Oh hello there Bauhaus. Why have I not hung out more with you over the years? Perhaps I failed to look into the Bauhaus and it’s sentiments because my introduction to it was rather uninspiring. The art history proff who taught it back when I was a youngling was preoccupied almost exclusively with Bauhaus architecture (generally neglecting it’s textiles, drawings, ceramics, furniture, etc). I only became acquainted with the latter over recent years whilst trying to hash-out my own aesthetic biases.

I sometimes feel convicted to give credit to the fact that my work is massively inspired by a lot of work made by Bauhaus artists like Oskar Schlemmer, Gunta Stolzl, Annie Albers, Max Peifffer Watenphul, Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and others – (despite that my audience may not see these connections).

Needless to say, the design world is forever indebted to the B-haus and it’s badass crew of talents. I guess I feel like it just doesn’t get enough cred nowadays. It’s gorgeous, thoughtful, and the father of modern design. If you don’t dig modern design – or modernism for that matter, Bauhaus is likely not your friend. But if your aesthetic bias leans heavily towards a lot of things design-wise that were produced in and around the 60’s, you simply must do yourself a favor and research the B-haus. It’s more than an art school or an aesthetic. It’s a philosophy and an innovation based on merging fine art and craft. A Total game-changer. So much to say! Alas, I’m no art historian…

Heres a smattering of some of my most loved Bauhaus textile works by a few of the above mentioned artists! *enjoy.









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