*MFA GRADUATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Life

(it’s hard to believe)

I defended my thesis last Thursday and I am happy to say that it went really well. The faculty were great, my wonderfully supportive husband was great, and my colleagues were there to cheer me on!

Although being done feels amazing, I now face the daunting task of cleaning out my studio #helladepressing. I don’t know when I’ll have a studio next, so this largely means having to discard a lot of materials that I’d rather have held onto. Such is the life of a sculptor I suppose. Sad nonetheless!

T and I were totally blessed to receive our friend Lina as a guest to celebrate the accomplishment and the accompanying show that I installed like a maniac last week! The opening was Friday night and Lina and I had a fabulous girly afternoon getting ready and catching up. So great! Of course the opening was a lovely time and was followed by a little after-party at the Guild. Great times had by all! (Although, I could have squeezed in even more dancing.)

I will be updating my website soon with quality pics of my entire show, but I’ve included a little sampler below as a little appetizer. Now that schools done, I’m proud to say that my blogging hiatus has officially ended! Woohoo!












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