*I no longer live, but Christ lives in me


T had to work all day on Sunday, so I took in the morning service. This is rare being that I’m someone who really appreciates the 7pm slot. However, there is something to be said for waking up and taking in worship, fellowship, and a solid message first thing in the morning! Indeed, it was a blessed time to be in the midst of a sunny and excited congregation.

This is the passage that Pastor Ron spoke from:
I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live I live by believing in God’s Son, who loved me and took the punishment for my sins. (Galatians 2:20 GWT)
Galations 2:20

Here are my notes! I recommend tuning in to get the real sermon here
*Jesus came looking for you! He does pursue us. He stands at the door of our heart.
…Yet we hesitate.
*We aren’t sure if we should let the Lord into our life because sometimes the house is disorderly and dirty. Yet he comes eagerly on that basis to enter as the Master of the house. Our heart, Christ’s home.
*We offer him our weak wills so he can put steel into them and make them strong.
*Our will is the first thing that Christ makes over when we let him in.
*Deep in the subconscious desires, the indwelling Christ cleans the house when he moves in.
*He comes into your heart not to lounge, but to set to work.
*And as the guest, HE does the most affective cleaning.
*Its not a rebirth unless you have a new will. And the new will loves to do the will of God. And Christ’s nature therefore transforms us!
*Its not that we are not tempted to sin, but we do not want to sin. We strive not too because we love Christ.

If we accept the proposition that Christ liveth in me, there are corollaries:
(A corollary is a proposition that follows from and is often appended to one already proved — forming a proposition that follow from one already proved).
See eight corollaries:

We dwell in the same house.
-From the moment he enters..we live in the same house.
Its His house!
-Jesus’ will and ours blend into one
We experience partnership in His purposes
-When he enters we change our business
-It is our job to offer Him our mind and our creative abilities
-In Christianity you don’t kill your mind, and you don’t kill your creativity. You give them to God so he can use them.
This partnership can do infinitely more
Jesus looked at them and said, “It is impossible for people to save themselves, but everything is possible for God.” (Matthew 19:26 GWT)
Matthew 19:26
His will directs your will
*Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God!*
-What in the heart we call faith in the will we call obedience
Our single job is to listen, and to say yes
-Obey, and bend yourself to deny stubbornness and obstinateness
Blessing is ours
-When your surrender is perfect he enters and fills us with an astonishing sweetness
-But the moment our will revolts against Christ’s will, the sweetness can turn.
-Work on your relationship with Christ
-Indeed Christ will call us to difficulty
-Coming to Christ will bring trials, but the hard place with God is much easier that the hard place without Him.
-The way of the transgressor is severe; if you are not fully following after Christ, your life can get complicated in a hurry (to say it simply)
Christ in us is full of miracles
-When God’s power is in us we can do things we would never otherwise do.
-When he comes in and starts business, you shouldn’t be surprised when remarkable things happen

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