*my dad

My Life

Totally out of the blue, we got to see my dad last week!

What a gift. He was on the mainland in the truck bringing a load to Surrey and got held-over for an additional (unexpected) 35 hours with nothing scheduled to preoccupy himself with… Which provided the perfect occasion for him to come to the island for a day to visit T & me!

We had such a great time together. T and I hadn’t seen dad since April, and even then, we hadn’t gotten as much one-on-one time as we’d hoped with him. So naturally, I felt really special when I actually got to spend an entire day with my dad. It was so cool!

My dad is super adventurous and loves exploring new places. Victoria, being no exception. In the first two hours of his visit he climbed a tree and swam in the ocean! The freeking pacific ocean. This is hilarious, yet, true to his character.

We walked for pretty much the entire day and even dad needed to have a good sit near the end of the day over a coffee. We spotted more jelly fish than I’d ever encountered on the beach, and I even touched one! (when you’re from the prairies, seeing jelly-fish is still interesting after the 100th time).

Also, there are these massive lengths of algae that really look like ropes on the beach. Thats what dad was throwing around in the pic. Crazy guy. Cracks me up.

Thanks for sharing a day with me dad. I love you!





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