*one day with sarah

My Life

What a long-anticipated event this was. S & C had a wedding on the mainland, and Sarah was able to steal away for a brief 32 hours to the island last weekend! Carter, hopefully you can come visit soon too!

We walked and explored and ate and ate and drank and explored and discovered this epic bubble-tea place and painted nails and ate and had girly time just like old times.

S has always been such a good sport about letting me indulge in doing her make-up, and her hair, and all that stuff… These are the corny, cliche sister activities I live for and crave while we don’t see each other (which is most of the time, cause we usually only see each other twice to three times per year, max). Which makes me so sad…
so, when I do get to see my sis, we go hard.

It’s scarce to hear a person describe another individual as being vivacious. My sister is vivacious though. Really. She is a radiant, quite effortlessly beautiful creation with naturally golden-blonde hair that happens to glow right off of her head. Not to mention, her sunkissed skin which somehow remains that way 365 days a year?? (This last fact sometimes makes me question how we come from the same blood-line as I reflect on my own near-white complexion and veiny legs).
Lastly. shes taken.so don’t get too excited.

Meanwhile, T was his usual accommodating self —waiting patiently, and accompanying us happily while we did the boutique/thrift store circuit. He even cooked us a roast for dinner, a freeking ROAST! Can you believe that? (I do not cook meat..really, ever…let alone a roast) – so kudos to you, T. I love you, and your eagerness to be hospitable to the people we love and miss.

I wish you could have stayed with us longer, S.








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