So, I didn’t die

My Life

Hey all. Man I miss this little place. Shamefully, its been nearly 7 weeks since my last post due to, well, life. I miss having the time to research the stuff that inspires me — archive it on here, talk about how awesome God is, post the work of designers and artists that gets me excited, show pics of me & T’s life etc!
But hey, lots has been goin on, ok??
1. School
2. School
3. Preparing a massive body of work for my final critique
4. Getting a job at a restaurant (surprise surprise)
5. Working that freaking job while I was stupid busy with school having zero time for a job, subsequently resenting that damn job the whole damn time. (I’m thankful now though, yes.)
6. Going to Alberta with T to see our amazing fam !
ok, I’m done venting! Check out the deets in the below posts!

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