Surprise Fam-jam! Grandpa’s memorial, and *mini Calg adventure*


One week ago today T and I jumped a plane to Alberta to attend my dear Grandfather’s funeral. Grandpa had been in long-term care in Coaldale for the past 4 years and we were aware that he was likely nearing the end of his journey.

Nonetheless, it was still a difficult thing to attend his funeral. It was a tremendous celebration of life — a life dedicated to serving God, being an exceptional father and husband, and a friend to countless individuals. Hearing a whole host of people from Grandpa’s generation speak about his legacy was incredibly inspiring and touching. He impacted so many lives through his generosity, and heart after God.

My grandmother is an equally tremendous person. She adores entertaining people in her tiny home and pretty much bakes and cooks none-stop. (She made the food that was served at the luncheon at Grandpa’s celebration of life). This woman really is an unstoppable force. T and I had the privilege of spending all of Tuesday afternoon with Grandma eating her fabulous perogies, and visiting – reflecting on the past year, and reminiscing about Grandpa.

Of course a huge perk about coming home for such a difficult family affair is that family will be around. I have four siblings and they are all pretty damn cool. No really. They are quality individuals. And get this, they all have significant others! Which means I pretty much have 8 siblings (not including those on T’s side). We really miss our siblings & parents now more than ever being that we have to get on a plane to see any of them. Our time together was limited, but top-notch like always.

Finally, we had a total of six hours to spend in Calg before catching our flight back to the island. A true testimony to the awesomeness of our Calgary friends — 13 showed up with practically zero notice to grab some pizza and vino with us to catch up at Cibo. Thanks friends! You guys are the best. Sarah VS, I miss you more than you know.












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