*For he alone is worthy. Celebrate the gift of Love!

Faith, My Life

Merry Christmas everyone!

This Christmas Tristan and I were unable to visit either of our home-towns. This meant being apart from loved ones, but it did allow us the privilege of having the time to simply… spend time.
With each other, by ourselves, and with God. For this, I cannot complain, although I sincerely miss friends and family more now than I have in a very long time. Its times like these that make me cherish my Tristan the most.

In the past weeks since school’s departure for Christmas brake it seemed all of the existing structure in my life swiftly fell away. I found myself a bit bewildered. And I learned a couple of things — rather, I became reminded of a few things that I have known for a long time but desperately needed to be reminded of. There are three things that I need to do each day.
1. In order to get motivated and get things done in any capacity, I need to implement structure.
2. I need to make things on a daily basis.
3. Most importantly: I need to continue praying persistent, stretched-out, honest prayers.

On that note, new years is just around the corner. My annual commitments tend not to resemble conventional resolutions, but are subconscious reiterations of the thing(s) that I feel compelled to remind myself to do. This year, it will be the things listed above.

What are your resolutions?

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