The hiatus is lifted! (Thank the Lord)

My Life

Alright. The last four weeks (yikes has it seriously been that long) have been a bit crazy.
In a nutshell:

I been makin’ stuff.
Namely, creating a buncha pieces for my Committee Meeting installation (end-of-semester-critique). I made some large sculptures to be installed collectively alongside an animation wherein I utilized rotoscoping. This animation proved to be a pretty intensive, time consuming effort. I did enjoy it a lot, however, and in the end it got me pretty excited about the idea of expanding my creative modes further into the feared digital realm. I seriously have regular bouts of anxiety when attempting to tinker with or resolve even the most rudimentary technological problems, so learning (rather attempting) to learn a couple new programs to facilitate my animation desires sort of took a toll of my patience. But, at the end of the day, it rocked my world and forced me to make something I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I marked papers.
A lot of papers. I am a slow reader, but somehow I got the job done. Yes, I complain about this task, but only because it robbed me of precious studio hours! Truly though, being a TA has been invaluable and I have been pretty stoked on the entire experience. Gosh I want to teach when I grow up. Fingers crossed.

To top it off, we moved.
Yep. We moved. Ok…jut across the hall, but a move none the less. I honestly do not know what I would do without my Tristan. He pretty much conducted our move single handedly (this, being no small task, we have quick a knack for accumulating things — albeit great things), he moved everything except the contents of my closet.

We are finally settled in and to celebrate that, along with this cozy season and school coming to a close, we had a fondue party/pot-luck extravaganza. What a success. The spread my colleagues provided was utter proof of their creativity and originality — roasted chestnuts and all! I freeking love hosting these types of shin-digs, and Tristan is always up for entertaining too. We had the pleasure of having our house warmed by some pretty warm folks and a healthy helping of chocolate. Mmmm.

This smorgasbord of photos encompasses a pretty random look at the latter portion of November up till now (gratuitously painted nails, etc.) I should mention – those vibrantly colored trees still looked like that up till about a two weeks ago. Pretty remarkable I’d say.

Happy advent!













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