*Awaken your Soul!


Tonight’s message touched on Adore’s recent series Awaken the Soul. Great and inspiring, yet a simple challenge.
My sermon notes:
-How does your soul fall asleep? How do you get back to the time that you last felt alive like you and Jesus were going to do great things? It is possible to reignite the flame. The hard part is its going to take sacrifices. It will require that you stop, wait, and listen.
-One day you have everything and somehow, you suddenly become empty. God’s ways are so hard to figure out, it is better to rest and trust than to try to figure them out.
Rest and trust and belong and be. These things are awfully hard to do, but they are the road to awaken your soul.
Do you think a part of your soul is asleep?

‘In the last days, God says,
I will pour my Spirit on everyone.
Your sons and daughters will speak what God has revealed.
Your young men will see visions.
Your old men will dream dreams. Acts 2:17

-A way to examine your soul status to to take a look at your prayer life: how do you pray? Have you stopped praying because you have stopped believing that God is going to do anything? Prayer is a love language between you and your creator. This needs to be cultivated and practiced.
-Don’t love money. Be happy with what you have because God has said, “I will never abandon you or leave you.” Hebrews 13:5
-Cultivate the relationship with Christ so you will hear him immediately.
Forgiveness is a powerful act of obedience. Once you initiate forgiveness you accelerate the healing process. Forgiveness frees. The longer you hold someone’s offense over them, the more likely you are to feel arrogant around them. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon. Forgiveness is a vivid picture of radical love. When you choose to operate forgiveness you are choosing to model God’s love. Do you want to awaken your soul?
Keep saying yes to the Lord and he will take you above and beyond your highest expectations, When he says he will never leave you, he’s not kidding.
If you are strangers to prayer you are strangers to power!
-Be absorbed and lost in God. Crave more of the Lord, he will always fill you. Ask him to awaken your soul. The dreamer and the visionary is still alive. Awaken it!

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