*There is power in humility!


After an rather unfortunate two-week hiatus from attending Adore due to a ridiculously life-sucking deadline…I had the privilege of tuning in to last week’s podcast of Pastor Evan’s sermon. Although it dealt with a pretty fundamental truth, it really spoke to me.

The essence of this message was concerning humility. Let’s face it. Pride can play such a consuming role in our lives, and we must be humbled to remember that it is only because of the work of the Lord alone that we can accomplish anything at all. Let us be humbled!

sermon notes:
-Humility is a facet whose importance should be emphasized on the same level as prayer.
***Being humble can often feel like a suppression of our own talents, but it is in fact the fuel which releases talent in other people as well as our ability to realize God’s power.
-Humility takes us from expecting that we are going to accomplish our greatest feats to expecting God, as well as other people to accomplish theirs.
-If you want to seek God’s power moving in your life STOP empowering yourself!
-Far too often we take the gifts God has given us and take the glory for them. Pride leads us to take personal credit for the miraculous acts of God. It is at this point that we halt the gifting that we thought we had as God opposes the proud.
-God is done with what has happened but he is not done with what is going to happen.
When we work in our own strength we are limited. It is foolish to be guided by our own capacities. God will empower you in a much greater capacity than you could ever empower yourself!

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