Events, My Life

Oh, beautiful friends.
How we have loved our time spent with you during these hot summer days and nights.
Seen here are a few snap shots of:
*BONNIE! Who finally came home from Mexico to visit fam & friends only to up and leave me again! Here is a girl I truly had no idea how much I would miss as we spent the better part of a year apart. Sigh. Missing you already girl.
*Tiffany Eng‘s show Cat Boxes (go see the show at UAS, my photos don’t do it justice)
*Sarah -pictured in her new studio at Avalanche..whose brilliant sense of humor and colorful presence I’ve been trying to figure out how to cope without since the moment I found out we would be moving away.
*A long awaited visit with the always charming Nakael, and his dog, Barrett – who Tristan happily wrestled with multiple times during our time together.
*Becky‘s wonderful home made bread and ever-impressive nail polish selection make for the loveliest mornings. By the way, this fabulously summery nail design was inspired by the one and only Ariana Denison. A special mention should also be made for Becky’s newly made-up patio! It is an enviably cozy little nook complete with comfy seating and pretty potted posies.
*Aoife, Colina, and Mal….whether we are consuming herbal tea, sangria or anything else for that matter – I savor our dates.
*Tristan, love of my life, and the ultimate adventure guide of wonderful long walks taken in pursuit of prime city views and the discovery of secret paths. On Sunday, we did succeed.
*as for the other handsome gents in the backgrounds..Brett, Adam, and Lowell need no introduction.










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